What are you telling yourself that you are? What are you telling yourself that you are capable of? Are you selling yourself short?

While listening to Atomic Habits by James Clear this topic came up and I realized that what I am telling myself on the inside is what has been holding me back. 

“You always give up on things. It will be okay if you give up again. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter.”

“Being a mom gives me a free pass not to [insert positive action here}.”

“I am not good at [insert skill I wish I had] so it would be pointless to put too much time and effort into it right now.”

I was basically saying to myself, “You are a quitter and always have been. You are a bit of a hot mess mom who keeps it together okay but you aren’t very reliable so you better not push boundaries too hard or you are going to crash and burn. Just settle into the hot mess that you are and maybe when the kids are in school you can work towards your dreams.”

Can we just talk about how my inner mean girl can be so vicious?! 

But this weekend I realized they were all just sorry excuses because I am massively afraid of failure. 

I have been watching women all around me reach for the stars and follow through on their dreams regardless of how messy and scary it can be at times. 

But here I am today telling myself to JUST DO IT. I am extremely determined to become a better writer and focus on my dreams. 

It is not okay to use my kids as an excuse to stagnate my progress. That will only lead to bitterness and burnout. When I do what lights my soul on fire, even if I am physically tired, I am a better mom, wife, sister, friend, and disciple of Christ.

You were born with certain talents and Heavenly Father will guide you on how to use them if you let Him. I am not saying I am an exceptional writer yet, but He gave me the desire to get better at it for a reason. 

So I am here challenging you today to figure out what your identity is and what you are telling yourself. Figure out what your dreams look like and do something every day to get a little closer to them. 

Want to finally lose the baby weight? Go for a walk today.

Are you dying to go back to school? Start researching programs that would work for you.

Do you want to get better at piano? Find an app for free that can help you progress.

There are always little steps we can take to better ourselves. It doesn’t need to be a massive investment of time or money. Just invest 30 minutes of your time today to getting a little closer to your goals. 

Let me know what you plan on doing today to get you closer to your dreams!

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