How to Avoid the Mama Meltdown

By June 12, 2019 3 Comments

I am one of the most laid back, type A people you will ever meet. 

“Ummm lady… that doesn’t even make sense…”

Let me explain that a little more. I am genetically predisposed to go, go, go, until the to-do list is done for the day. No breaks. Just work, work, work, work, work like Rihanna. That list is the end all, be all to feeling like my day was successful. 

However, I am a mom of two beautiful princesses, I have a home to take care of/ slowly renovate, and the man of my dreams that together bring out the nurturing, loving, and live-in-the-moment part of me to keep me balanced. 

But as you might be able to decipher, these parts of me battle with one another constantly!

Can you relate yet?

So when I start to feel the tension, that the burnout meltdown seems to be inevitable, and that tub of ice cream cannot get into my belly soon enough… I have a few things that I let go of and a few things to show some self-appreciation for the hardworking mama I know I am. 


***Now these ideas are the things that I adopt during these times but the idea here is that you get inspired to let go of and bring in your own habits so that you can be the best version of you. ***

So let’s dive into the things that I let go of.

  1. Dishes

Y’all, the dishes are a never-ending chore. They will always be there as long as you choose to partake in the ancient human ritual of fueling your body and bringing beautiful children into this world who insist on a new water cup every time they are thirsty. 

When I am starting to feel stressed and anxious, I start to give this part of my life some slack and I do dishes only once a day. That is it. Whether that is the dishes from the night before or cleaning up the dinner prep dishes, once a day is all you will get from me. Forever and ever, amen.

2. Working Out

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that when we are feeling overwhelmed that movement can be a powerful stress reliever. However, your body does require some rest if you are an avid fitness junkie like myself.

I tend to be extremely self-deprecating if I miss a day. The nurturing laid-back side of me will say, “Darlin, you were up with your teething 8-month-old half the night, take a nap!” But the type A turns on the Mr. T voice and I feel like I must go or I have failed. At everything. (The inner diva in me can be incredibly dramatic.)

But when I have chosen to give myself some grace here, I find that my love for fitness increases exponentially and when tomorrow comes and the stars align again, back to the gym I go. And the workout after a rest day is typically amazing and my endorphins are intense!

3. Picking up the toys

As long as there are toddlers in my home, there will be a trail of toys to follow. This is never ending in my household- especially with the little clip-on earrings and Barbie heels. 

And most days I am great about getting my oldest to help me pick up the toys before bedtime. But on nights like tonight when the teething baby would not close her eyes and my exhausted husband just needed to get to bed early, I let the immaculate picture perfect ideal go and I head to bed. 

You heard that right. 

I go to bed and I don’t stress about it. I sit in my bed and I write, read, surf my phone, pretend to shop the Nordstrom sale and never actually buy anything, etc. Because the mess will be there tomorrow and if it was clean right when you got up with the munchkins, it would be a mess within the hour anyway. So just breathe in, breathe out, (really do this, it helps) and go brush your teeth. 

Those are the three things that I choose to let go of but those can look extremely different for you. Maybe dishes don’t stress you out or you find it therapeutic. Girl, wash those dishes but maybe let the laundry go. 

Just choose 3 things to let go of!

This brings me to the things that need extra attention when I am feeling overwhelmed and unappreciated. This isn’t to say that my partner doesn’t appreciate me because I know that he does. He tells me often! (Yes, I married THE real Prince Charming.) But those little people can make you feel like nothing is going right even if it is.

So I lighten my load of annoying to-dos and here are the three things I add in for a day or two to remind myself of the queen that I am. 

  1. Take some quality time to get ready

What I mean is really take the time to see if your eyebrows need some attention, or the fuzz on your upper lip, or the blackheads on your nose, or if your fingernails need a spruce up. Take more like an hour and a half to be meticulous with your grooming and makeup routine. Get that winged eyeliner just right and that concealer, contour, and highlight on point, and those brows penciled in perfectly. You will walk out of that bathroom feeling refreshed and powerful.

And if you don’t already have one, a magnifying mirror will help you dial in your look. I love this one!

And don’t you feel bad for one second if that means entertaining your kids with an iPad or Moana while you do this! It won’t kill them. Just sayin’.

2. Buy yourself a little something

It does not need to be expensive, or it can be. Whatever you feel is best. (But be smart, obviously- the goal is to appreciate yourself, not feel buyers remorse.)

For example, today I bought myself an adorable little succulent and a cute bowl to put it in to go next to my kitchen sink. I have wanted to do this forever but the $10 seemed so unnecessary for so long until I just did it- and it was the best decision I made today.

Spend the few dollars on yourself. You are worth it.

Bath bombs are a go to way to treat myself. These a great!

3. Drink your water

Okay, this one is so not fun and completely over talked about…

“Ugh, I know! Shut up, Stef!” 

Hear me out… Your body is made up of mostly water and if that water gets depleted too much, you will feel like crap, which leads to feeling like crap with a headache, which leads to feeling like crap with a headache and nausea… See the pattern?

So take your body weight in pounds, half that number, and convert it to ounces- that is a foolproof way to get yourself enough water in the day. You will always feel better when you are hydrated.

This is my favorite cup to use to stay hydrated. I love that I can add some fresh lemon or powdered drink mix and shake it up without spilling. AND it is affordable! Click here!

You know I’m right. 😉

Moral of the story, let go and appreciate your darn self for all that you do regularly! You are a nap time, string cheese opening, laundress warrior and you deserve to lighten your own load sometimes and take some time to treat-yo-self. 

Let me know what you are going to try to implement to help you avoid the burnout meltdown! Can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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  • Carla says:

    Make a running list of the things you are grateful for – so you don’t just list the same things over and over (although you are still mostly grateful for those few first things you love to be grateful for). You will find that you have so much bounty and so many blessings that you may feel a little bit guilty for feeling bad. However, you are valid in feeling a bit overworked, overstimulated, under appreciated, etc. So since you know that the world (and usually your family) won’t often notice your contributions, you must definitely have an inner mantra that helps you remember how valuable YOU are and what YOU bring into the world. YOU are one of a kind. YOUR contributions are things only YOU can give. YOU are awesome! Don’t let anybody tell you differently!

    • simplystefaniblog says:

      Carla this is so so true! Taking the time to slow down and write down the thing you are grateful for will help you feel grounded again and remember to appreciate the mess. Thank you so much for the comment!

  • Weenie says:

    Thanks for the tips; being a mama, a wife, a woman, a housekeeper, cook, maid, spiritual advisor, bookkeeper, therapist, taxi driver, doctor and so much more can be exhausting. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience….I’m going to go take a nap.

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