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Hey ladies- have you ever felt overloaded with information? Like the answers to your problems are way more complicated than you can handle? That even though valuable, things like Pinterest and Instagram seem to just make it worse?

I have so been there. All you want is to find something you haven’t tried yet but doesn’t include 400 ingredients, exclusive components, or just too many steps. 

Life is way too messy and busy for those things to help! 

As a long time blog, Pinterest, and Instagram consumer, and through lots of trial and error, I realized that the more simple an answer, the more likely I am to implement it. 

That is why I created this blog- to help you find answers and get results to life’s little conundrums without too much fuss. It is my philosophy that you can thrive in our world by doing things simply and imperfectly. Because who has time for a “Pinterest-perfect” life? 

When I tried to create a perfect life according to the internet, I fell apart…multiple times. It was confusing, expensive, and just caused me anxiety! While I still utilized these resources, I started to use words like “easy” and “simple” when I searched for things. And when I started to implement these tools and concepts, I felt less stressed and way more successful. 

As a mother of two beautiful girls and a wife to my incredible husband, I am finally able to feel more peace and joy as I implement the things I will share with you.

I would love to offer simple solutions to your questions! Contact me today! 

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